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Did you know that not ALL oils and oil blends can be used internally?

Yep, it's true, but lucky for us, we don't have to be oil experts to be safe because doTERRA makes it easy to determine how you can safely use a specific essential oil or oil blend.

1. It's on the bottle. It really is! If an oil or blend is safe for internal use, the bottle is labeled in 2 ways, so we know. It will be labeled "Essential Oil Supplement" and list supplement facts; AND in the use instructions located at the bottom of the bottle label it will list "for internal use". If the bottle says only "for aromatic and topical use," it is NOT safe to use internally!

2. It's on the dō site when you look up each oil.

Easy peasy! Thanks to doTERRA! Happy (and SAFE) oiling!

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