DIY Deodorant


My husband and I had used over-the-counter deodorants and antiperspirants for years before we made the switch.  When we decided to switch from using the typical odor control, we had no idea how toxic they were.  We did so out of necessity.  

I noticed one day as my  hubby was applying his deodorant that his underarms were REALLY red and scaly.  I said "Hey, that's not normal, what's going on?"  He never had a 2nd thought about it, he had always dealt with it and figured he either dealt with the allergic reaction or out of control body odor.  I told him to switch it up and try to find something else.  He did several times, with NO success.  Everything else he tried not only didn't provide the relief he needed, it also never worked for his body odor. 

So what's a wife to do when her husband can't figure out a solution?  If you want to do something right, you have to do it yourself.  So, I did the research.  That's when I found out how toxic over-the-counter odor control is, along with just about every other body care product on the market today (but that is a topic for another day).     

Dangers of Deodorant & Anti-Persperant 

  1. Aluminum Compounds - blocks pores from sweating (if you haven't heard sweating is a way our bodies release toxins - don't stop the sweat!).  Exposure to aluminum has been linked to  interfering with hormone receptors.  When we mess with our hormone's, there is a higher risk for breast cancer.  Think about that when you shave under your arms and then almost immediately apply deodorant or anti-perspirant - YIKES!
  2. Parabens - disrupts  hormonal balance and has been linked to early puberty in children and hormone-related cancers in woman and organ toxicity.
  3. Triclosan - can possess endocrine disrupting properties and is a potential carcinogen.
  4. Propylene Glycol - provokes skin irritation
  5. TEA & DEA - known carcinogen's that can affect liver and kidneys.  


Don't be deceived by "natural" deodorant's.  Many on the market today have the same carcinogenic ingredients as all the others.  

Your best option is to find a DIY deodorant recipe that works for you and stick with it.  My husband and I tried a lot of recipe's. Many we used didn't work very well and most left a white film that stuck to underarms and clothing.  

I finally discovered a blend of essential oils that really worked well, BUT it was REALLY expensive.  So I tweaked the recipe, diluted the oils down to a ratio that still worked, but is far less expensive than the original.     
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