It's autumn!  One of my favorite seasons for so many reasons.  Who doesn't love the beautiful autumn foliage and the abundance of warm foods and drinks to warm the body and soul.  Plus, winter is right around the corner (winter is my very favorite season).  

Although there is so much to love about September, there is some evil lurking in this month of activity.  It's back to school time, which in and of itself is really wonderful ... except that usually what happens at school doesn't stay at school.  You know what I'm talking about, right?  This is the time of year we need to boost our children's and our own immunity if we want to stay healthy throughout the school year.  So what is a family to do?

Last year at this same time I had a plan - to be a super hero mom by staying healthy and helping my family to do the same.  So I scoured the internet for some great immune boosting tactics so we could be prepared instead of caught off-guard.  I know everything we did played a part, but I think the biggest and best found super power was ... (drum roll please) essential oils.  Not just any essential oils - a blend of super power essential oils that I want to share with you. 
Super Immune essential oil blend
You might be wondering, "What exactly am I suppose to do with this blend?"  I combine my blend of oils in a roller bottle, like what you might find here.  Every morning and every night, especially when we've been in a crowded location, I roll this blend on the bottom of our feet.  We make it a fun time - give a little foot massage and enjoy some laughs together  as you are boosting your immune system at the same time.  If I feel I need an extra boost, I'll roll it along my spine and feel the super powers working even more!
If you have any questions, including what essential oil brand I trust for my family, contact me here.


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