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My girls don't love putting lotion on, it's actually a fight with my youngest one - no fun!  Do you deal with this with your littles?  A friend of mine made up these lotion bars last night at a DIY Spa Essentials Party I was hosting and she didn't want the whole batch so gave me a couple of the bars.  My girls LOVED the star shapes and actually started slathering themselves with the bar.  To my surprise, it didn't make a melted mess, it was PERFECT and for the best part no more fighting to get lotion on!  I can't wait to try these in the summer and add some zinc oxide for sunscreen protectant :)


⅔ cup beeswax
½ cup coconut oil
½ cup cocoa butter
1 teaspoon vitamin E oil
15 drops of essential oil

*Optional 3-4 TB Zinc Oxide for a sunscreen lotion bar (avoid citrus essential oils with this add-in)
Chapped & Cracked Skin:  Lavender & Myrrh
Dehydrated Skin:  Geranium
Dermatitis/Eczema:  Topical Blend
Diaper Rash:  Roman Chamomile & Lavender
Oily & Greasy Skin:  Lemon or Topical Blend
Bug repellent:  Repellent Blend
  • Add beeswax, coconut oil & cocoa butter to a double boiler over medium low heat.  Keep on heat until completely melted down.  
  • Remove from heat and add in vitamin e and essential oils of your choice.  If you are making a sunscreen lotion bar, add in the zinc oxide now.  Stir to combine.
  • Pour into silicone mole.  I bought mine here.
  • Let mixture set for about 2-3 hours
  • To use, rub on skin!
Lavender Essential oil


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